Cardboard Boat Regatta - Aug 26

Click here to see photos from the Cardboard Boat Regatta at Deer Meadow Park

 • Cardboard Boat Regatta Rules

Design and build a person-powered corrugated cardboard boat capable of racing a 75-yard course.

The Cardboard Boat Regatta will take place on Saturday, August 26 at Deer Meadow Park Pond.

Check-in and boat inspection from 11:00; with boat races beginning at 12noon.

Contestants compete in age category

• 8 yrs. -17 yrs.

• 18 yrs. & up

Contestants compete in two divisions

• Single

• Multi

Awards for the top three fastest boats in each category, Titanic Award for most spectacular sinking, Pride of the Regatta for best attractive boat, Design Star Award for best design and theme.